GC Cooling offers a wide variety of fans to cool the most demanding of applications

GC Cooling offers a wide variety of fans to cool the most demanding of applications

GC Cooling offers aftermarket cooling products designed to get the most out of your high performance vehicle. With overheating a major issue for race cars as well as high performance vehicles, GC Cooling provides multiple solutions to prevent overheating. The company’s line includes cooling fans, controllers, brackets and shrouds. 

            The top of the line 16-inch Big Motored Fan (BMF) is the heaviest duty fan from GC Cooling. The performance of the BMF sets a new standard for vehicle needs in high horsepower, extreme heat conditions. Race and high performance cars often require a more robust cooling system because overheating can be an issue, and the BMF is the heavy-duty solution necessary to cool down the engine during competition. With a width of 16 inches, shroud thickness of one inch and an overall thickness of 3.6 inches, the BMF is accurately named. 

            GC Cooling’s High Performance (HP) series cooling fans are available in size ranges from eight inches to 16 inches. HP fans keep street rods, muscle cars and street machines cool and heat-free. The 16-inch HP Puller boasts 2077 cubic feet per minute in air volume moved by the fan. The full iron casing of these fans means that they are durable and can withstand high heat conditions in the engine compartment. 

            GC Cooling also offers a Medium Performance (MP) series of fans. Great for engine cooling, air conditioning condensers and other cooling needs, the MP series provides a low current and thinner profile. As with the HP series, the MP series of fans are reliable, rugged and will provide users with years of dependable service. 

            The Low Profile (LP) fan series ranges in size from seven inches to 16 inches. The LP series is best for applications in tight spaces or where the size of the engine limits space. The compact size is deceptive because it still produces high performance. With the full iron harsh casing, the LP series is extremely durable and as high-quality as every other fan series or individual fan GC Cooling produces. 

About GC Cooling

            Since May 2016, GC Cooling has been the North American importer of General Cab high-performance fans and accessories. General Cab of Asti, Italy has made high-performance cooling fans, blowers and assemblies for electric motors and other automotive parts since 1982. The company is well known throughout Europe as a leading supplier to OEMs, including IVECO, Ferrari, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Denso and Textron Off-Road (formerly Arctic Cat). To ensure exceptional quality, cost and delivery, General Cab complies with international quality, environmental and manufacturing process standards and maintains ISO 9001:2008, ISO TS 16949:2009, and ISO 14001 certifications.In the North American market, GC Cooling offers General Cab’s high-performance fans, blowers and other electrical parts to fit automotive, specialty vehicle, truck, bus, motorcycle, heat exchanger, mobile cooling and off-highway applications. 

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