GC Cooling Introduces Revolutionary Smart Fan

GC Cooling Introduces Revolutionary Smart Fan

New from GC Cooling – the revolutionary Smart Fan. This fan automatically turns on at 150°F to 50 percent speed increasing to 100 percent at 200°F. See more details below.

Official Release:

GC Cooling has unveiled their revolutionary Smart Fan. Compatible with any GC Cooling fan or available as an all-in-one system, the Smart Fan is an easily-installed integrated fan controller for high performance applications.

Standard electronic fans are generally either in the “on” or “off” position. GC Cooling’s Smart Fan will automatically turn on at a 150 degrees Fahrenheit at 50 percent speed increasing to 100 percent at 200 degrees Fahrenheit, reducing both fan noise and current draw. It additionally starts the airflow process sooner to keep engine bay temperatures lower. Most importantly, GC Cooling’s Smart Fan features no additional boxes to mount and installation is simple with no programming required.

“At GC Cooling, we take pride in the quality and innovation of our products. Providing our customers with more control over how they cool their engine was one of our goals, and that’s why we decided to create the Smart Fan. I’ve personally been in this business as an electrical engineer for years, and I knew that the “on” or “off” only position was a problem that needed a solution. No one else has a product quite like this, so we’re definitely proud to be the first to offer a unique, completely integrated system for brushed motor fans,” said Bob Folkestad, owner of GC Cooling and Creative Werks, Inc.

An additional benefit of the Smart Fan is that the controller eliminates the need for a fan relay harness, reducing the total weight. The controller only adds about a quarter pound to the fan being used and fits fans sized from seven to 16 inches in diameter.

Created by a team of experienced cooling engineers with years of experience solving cooling issues, the GC Cooling Smart Fan is a complete solution and a new way to approach keeping the engine compartment of a high performance vehicle cool.


  • Automatically turns on at 150°F to 50 percent speed increasing to 100 percent at 200°F
  • No additional boxes to mount
  • Simple installation with no programming required

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