The C&R Racing Difference

The C&R Racing Difference

Aluminum radiators seem to be one of the best things to happen for better cooling, and aluminum radiator technology hasn’t gone stagnant for C&R (part of PWR Advanced Cooling Technology). Newly introduced by C&R is an all new extruded tube aluminum radiator which features a reinforced race fin design. C&R Racing takes what we learn at the track and apply it to street applications, providing high performance, track-proven technology that you can bolt into your street-driven muscle car.

While many current aluminum radiators have a pair of one-inch tubes, the extruded tube design of the new C&R technology has up to a dozen tubes in each row. Ballooning is no longer an issue with this new design.

The fins on a typical radiator are very thin, and even the force of the wind can fold them over. When this happens, the fins can block much of the needed air flow. By folding over the forward edge of the fin we have made it stronger than a typical radiator fin. Combine that with the extruded tube design and overall strength and performance is increased.

The reinforced race fin design, exclusive to C&R, is cross-braced for durability and strength, and has a unique shape and hemmed forward edge for added cooling and durability.

The reinforced extruded tube provides another unique feature: it allows C&R’s aluminum radiators to have a 100 PSI burst rating, which is about three times the burst pressure of standard performance aluminum radiators. The radiators are fixture welded during assembly to increase torsional rigidity, with added support at all four corners.

With a typical radiator, the tubes are up to an inch wide, and with the higher pressures in today’s engines it’s possible to get some ballooning of those tubes. As the tubes balloon, the gap between each row of tubes becomes smaller, and with a smaller area between the tubes, air flow is restricted and your temperature begins to rise.

This is one of the reasons why a new radiator will cool more efficiently than an older radiator. As time, heat, and pressures increase, so does the shape of the tubes; and with less air flow through the radiator core you’ll begin to see a rise in operating temperatures. This new extruded design from C&R allows the tubes to retain their original shape, and combined with the hemmed forward edge of the fins air flow remains unobstructed.

But, all of this added strength doesn’t come at a deficit in regards to fitment or price. The fabricated tanks are engineered to replicate the shape of the OE radiator, with mounting tabs to locate the radiators and fans in the factory location. Pricing on this new design is similar to the pricing of a standard performance aluminum radiator.

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