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Product Spotlight: The 16″ HP Puller Fan

Introducing the most popular fan in the GC Cooling lineup, the GC Cooling 16" HP Puller Fan. Designed to be a primary cooling fan this 8 bladed beast moves an impressive 2067 CFM. Cooling everything from an ordinary 200-300HP Street Rod cruising to the ice cream shop, to the 500-600 Pro-Lite trucks racing through...

GC Cooling Introduces Revolutionary Smart Fan

New from GC Cooling – the revolutionary Smart Fan. This fan automatically turns on at 150°F to 50 percent speed increasing to 100 percent at 200°F. See more details below. Official Release: GC Cooling has unveiled their revolutionary Smart Fan. Compatible with any GC Cooling fan or available as an all-in-one system, the Smart Fan is an easily-installed integrated...

GC Cooling offers a wide variety of fans to cool the most demanding of applications

GC Cooling offers aftermarket cooling products designed to get the most out of your high performance vehicle. With overheating a major issue for race cars as well as high performance vehicles, GC Cooling provides multiple solutions to prevent overheating. The company’s line includes cooling fans, controllers, brackets and shrouds.              The top of the line 16-inch...

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