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Product Spotlight: The 16″ HP Puller Fan

Introducing the most popular fan in the GC Cooling lineup, the GC Cooling 16" HP Puller Fan. Designed to be a primary cooling fan this 8 bladed beast moves an impressive 2067 CFM. Cooling everything from an ordinary 200-300HP Street Rod cruising to the ice cream shop, to the 500-600 Pro-Lite trucks racing through...

GC Cooling Introduces Revolutionary Smart Fan

New from GC Cooling – the revolutionary Smart Fan. This fan automatically turns on at 150°F to 50 percent speed increasing to 100 percent at 200°F. See more details below. Official Release: GC Cooling has unveiled their revolutionary Smart Fan. Compatible with any GC Cooling fan or available as an all-in-one system, the Smart Fan is an easily-installed integrated...

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