Product Spotlight: The 16″ HP Puller Fan

Product Spotlight: The 16″ HP Puller Fan

Introducing the most popular fan in the GC Cooling lineup, the GC Cooling 16″ HP Puller Fan. Designed to be a primary cooling fan this 8 bladed beast moves an impressive 2067 CFM. Cooling everything from an ordinary 200-300HP Street Rod cruising to the ice cream shop, to the 500-600 Pro-Lite trucks racing through mud and dirt for the checkered flag.

Key Features
  • 2067CFM
  • IP68 Water/Weatherproof
  • High Performance Straight Blade Design
  • Heavy Duty fingerguard/shroud
  • 3.5″ overall depth

Designed with the most extreme conditions in mind the GC Cooling 16″ HP Puller Fan features a fully sealed iron cased motor cover and is IP68 weather/waterproof rated. Handling the most extreme conditions with ease this fan is backed by a 3 year NO BS warranty. Coming with standardized mounting locations this fan is easily mountable with GC Cooling Brackets or Universal Mounting Brackets.

GC-90050356 Dimensions
Dimensions metric

Currently available in a 12-volt application this fan draws 20.1 amps and can be easily mounted to your radiator for a primary cooling source. We recommend using a 40 amp relay which comes standard in our fan relay harness to turn the fan on and off.

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